Why have a wedding consultant if you’re on a tight budget?

If you’re on a small wedding budget, or just having a small wedding in general, a wedding coordinator is usually last on your list of things to spend money on. It makes sense when you think about what is necessary and what isn’t – you have to have a dress, a bouquet, a cake or dessert of some sort, etc etc. Most brides think a coordinator goes into the “unnecessary” category, especially if they’re organized and on top of it themselves. But let me give you a list of 5 reasons why the coordinator should be in the necessary category.

1. When you’re getting dressed, walking down the aisle, taking pictures, listening to toasts and dancing, you can’t be on top of it. Even if you have planned the wedding down to a “T” yourself, on the day, you can’t oversee the set up or flow of the event. Or if you try to, you’ll probably have a distracted, stressful day!

2. Your mom, maid of honor, best friend, whomever it was that you were going to place in charge really wants to celebrate this day with you! You don’t want them to have to “work” or stress that day, but enjoy themselves. Especially if you and your fiance are hosting the wedding, shouldn’t all your guests get to have a great time?

3. Every wedding has problems. I know that as a bride, you don’t want to think there will be glitches, but there will be. The best way to plan for those is to have someone whose job it is to solve the problems in the fastest, easiest way possible. More importantly, if that person is your professional wedding coordinator, not only will they likely know the best way to solve the problem, but their main goal is to ensure you have a great wedding day – that means you won’t even know about the problem unless you have to! I remember at my wedding, the cake somehow got smashed all in on one side. I didn’t even know about it until weeks after the wedding, because the florist, caterer and coordinator worked to solve it – with a beautiful cascading flower addition! No one noticed except for them. That’s the way it should be!

4. Even smaller weddings have the basic needs of coordination – in fact, usually they need it more, because it is more likely for something to get noticed. Every detail will matter at a small wedding. Plus, my guess is that you’re having a small wedding partly because you want the intimacy – then make your guests feel comfortable and at home with a well-planned, well-hosted event that they all will feel privileged to attend.

5. All of this is fine and good, but let’s talk money. I did say you were on a tight wedding budget, right? Even if you wanted a coordinator, they don’t come for free. That’s true, but believe it or not, some coordinators can work with you to make sure they fit in your budget. Plus, they can help you create a budget that will ensure you stay within your means. Most couples that don’t have a professional create a wedding budget for them will overspend their cap by a couple thousand dollars. Instead, if you have a professional who knows the industry create a budget for you, and even track it with you, you’ll be pretty dead on, with the coordinator fee in there!

Still not convinced? Ask someone who has had a coordinator – usually they’ll tell you they were worth every penny. I understand the concerns – I didn’t think I needed one either. Then I talked to some coordinators, previous brides, and watched some weddings with a coordinator to see all that they did and I was sold. It doesn’t hurt to contact someone to ask questions – I could certainly sit and give you another 5 (or more!) reasons why a coordinator is key to a great wedding! Feel free to ask for testimonials. Brides and their families will usually tell you they would never do it again without one.