What NOT to Save Money On

What Not to Save Money On: Events

Food ~ At an event, party, or shower, you are inviting and treating your friends to celebrate with you, and nothing will speak louder of your gratitude for their attendance than serving delicious, well-presented food. Particularly if you are putting on a fundraising event, your guests should feel well treated, almost a little spoiled; they likely paid to be at the event – you want them to feel it was worth it! Well-fed guests are usually happy guests.


Music ~ Music greatly affects our moods, whether it’s the ambience or the focal point. Your choice of music, the quality and the presentation (DJ vs. band vs. singer) will set the tone for your event and give your guests an idea of what to expect from the second they walk in the door. Don’t skimp on something that sets the atmosphere for your event!


Rentals vs. Florals ~ Rentals and florals go in the same category because depending on what your event is, they can be trade-offs of one another. In some cases, your choice of linens, place settings, lighting etc will be much more important to staging a great event; at others, stunning arrangements and added floral touches throughout will more obviously contribute to the overall look. Obviously, you could put a lot of money into both and your event would look fabulous, but on the list of what you cannot save money on, one of these must be on it. The added benefit from a small upgrade in rentals or flowers can exponentially impact the look and style of your party.


Entertainment ~ You may not be having any other entertainment at your party than music, but if you are, don’t try to find a deal here. Bad entertainment is worse than no entertainment. Find professionals who are good at reading the crowd, excellent at their craft, and professional. Your guests will be impressed and your intentions for having entertainment will be met with success.


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