What NOT to Save Money On: Weddings

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Photographer ~ This is the professional responsible for the tangible memories you’ll have for the rest of your life. A good photographer will be able to make you look the best you’ve ever looked, as well as make you feel comfortable. You’ll be able to trust them to get all the shots you want and need, and they will provide you with thousands (literally) of options to keep forever. With talent comes a higher price tag, but it’s well worth it.


Music/DJ ~ This is the one element of your wedding that is consistent from beginning to end – from the music playing as guests arrive to the last dance. It sets the mood and atmosphere, so you don’t want to get a cheap musician that doesn’t perform well or a DJ that has poor equipment and a cheesy, unexperienced MC style. The romance of your wedding and the fun of your party will be determined by this vendor!


Venue (Yes and No) ~ Why yes and no? Well, if you don’t care about your venue at all, then it’s fine to look for a way to save money here and spend more money on your decorations or the party itself. However, if you look at venues just for the price and book one with no aesthetic appeal or coordination with your theme and style, you will end up spending a lot more in the end trying to transform your venue. Spend some extra money here and it’ll come with those elements you won’t have to hire a designer to produce.


Videographer ~ This is the number one vendor I see brides and grooms cut to save money, but it breaks my heart every time! Your day will go by so fast and you won’t get to be everywhere at once. Pictures can only capture so much and when your groom mumbles how beautiful you look to his best man when you first appear at the end of the aisle, you’re going to want that on tape. Try to make some room in your budget for a videographer – unlike other parts of your wedding, you’ll reap the benefits of that extra line item for a long time.


Contact us and we’ll help you create a budget to fit these vendors in, and recommend photographers, DJs, venues and videographers that are worth every penny! All of our wedding packages include vendor referrals, but check out our “Get Me Started” Package for help with budgets and vendor procurement.