What is a “Day Of” Coordinator?

Wedding planner and bride drawing; day-of coordinators are there to help!

All over the wedding industry these days you hear the term “day-of wedding coordinator” without anyone having truly defined it, or at least you’ll hear many different definitions! To help clarify things, we’ll lay out the three different kinds of day-of coordinators, and why we’re one of them!

1. Literally the day of: This coordinator is the cheapest because they are only charging you for their time on the wedding day. Their concern is only with trying to make the day run smoother and have a presence, usually aimed at helping the bride out and preventing stress. Because of the small time commitment in this role, this is also where you’ll see relatives or friends who work in the industry or have some sort of wedding “knowledge” put on the job. We believe that this type of coordinator might only make things worse, and despite the budget-friendly aspect to their fees, will likely be a waste of money. When a professional comes into an event (and as you brides know, also a production of sorts!) without knowing the players involved (the vendors), the key figures (moms, dads, bridal party, or even knowing the couple well!), or having been involved with the development of the vision for the wedding, they are helpless to coordinate the day because they have none of the right tools. Instead they add stress and confusion and would not be able to resolve any problems that may (and probably will) come up throughout the day.

2. “Month of” coordination: This type of coordinator recognizes the disabilities of only being involved on the wedding day and so extends their involvement a bit. Often by getting involved the final month of planning, this coordinator is able to create a timeline, finalize details, familiarize themselves with vendors and help out with all of the last minute needs and tying up final ends.

3. The “Come Alongside” Package or small coordination packages:Many wedding coordinators put together packages of their services, as they feel there is a minimum amount of work that needs to be done for them to properly coordinate the wedding. To serve those couples who are only looking for day-of either for budget reasons or simply because they want to plan the wedding by themselves, smaller packages are offered that are day-of coordination plus the additional services coordinators feel are necessary. That’s the mindset behind our “Come Alongside” Package. Unfortunately, coordinators are often seen as an unnecessary vendor for a wedding, where they should be the most necessary – you’re investing so much money on such a special, once-in-a-lifetime day, so you should ensure it will all go to plan. [We’ll save more on that for another post…or a book – “Reasons to Hire a Coordinator” :)] Anyway, that’s why I’m here! My #1 goal is to make sure your wedding day vision happens and to be your advocate. That’s why I include the services I do in my day-of coordination package. Without them, I don’t believe I can stand behind those statements. You still plan the wedding of your dreams, I’m just here to help you out when needed and provide support until the week before the wedding when I take it off your hands and let you relax and enjoy!

Let us “come alongside” you in the planning process – contact us for a complimentary initial consultation, let us take you out to coffee, hear about what you’re looking for and share with you more about how we can help. Perhaps you like the idea of having a helper so much you want to consider more coordination services? Check out all of our wedding coordination packages.

For more reasons on why to have a coordinator, check out our past blog post on Why to Have a Coordinator on a Tight Budget, or go talk to previous brides who have had coordinators! We have our testimonials and we’re sure you can find more out there!