Welcome to our new website and blog!


Hi everyone! Welcome to Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events’ new website! For those of you who have followed me for some time, we hope you like it and for the newcomers, please enjoy and follow our RSS feed!

I thought my first post on the new site would be more of a basic greeting and info about the blog itself, rather than have a topic.  I took a long time off from blogging when I began development of this new site, because I just didn’t have the time to focus on both but mostly because I was so excited to premiere the new site that I didn’t want to post any more content on the old. Once you get a creative image in your head, it’s pretty hard to continue on without it, right? In any case, I’m excited to get caught up!

While I don’t particularly like writing, folks say I’m good at it, so I’ll try to convey my personality and natural way of speaking in each post, and then hopefully you also get a great glimpse at myself and my team, who will occasionally write posts as well. Mostly the posts will be on events or wedding related topics, showcasing one of my very own, offering tips or advice, “how to” ideas, or inspiration posts – my favorite! But every so often I’ll also throw in a fun personal post (i.e. when my new adopted puppy comes home I’ll of course have to show him off!). Overall, though, I just get so jazzed about weddings and décor of any type, that it’s pure fun for me to share beautiful pictures of tabletops, venue destinations, and ways to make your planning experience easier and as enjoyable as I find it, and that’s what this blog is for.

All my old posts you can’t find right now, but they will be transferred over very soon and you can file through the archives as you wish to find even more articles!

For now, look forward to posts on many of my 2012 weddings (that I have yet to debut!), some corporate and social events-related topics and tips, and previews of the fabulous events I’ve gotten to attend so far this year! If you ever want to see a topic or specific content, or have questions, please contact me as I would love to ensure the content you see is the content you want!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!