Wedding Wire adds Brides to their network

Wedding Wire, a source I consider one of the greats among online places to search for wedding inspiration, ideas, and some talented vendors, has just announced this week that Brides is joining their network. Among sites that offer similar services – fashion tips, budget calculators, forums, vendor listings, etc – I personally find Brides up there in the top ten more helpful websites.

In this industry, it’s tough to tell what vendors are reliable and actually offer great services and products, because often, vendors can buy their way to a recommendation. Many preferred lists or website listings exist because vendors paid to be on them.

My personal policy is to stand by vendors I know do a good job because of my experience with them. I have never recommended a vendor because I benefit from that recommendation – I want all my clients to know they can trust that I have their best interests at heart, not my own.

Why am I saying all this? Because the Wedding Wire network has the same priorities! They’re dedicated to connecting brides with good advice, helpful tools and ensuring wedding professionals have the education resources they need to make your day perfect. I’m thrilled that they are adding yet another great wedding website tool to their network!

I encourage you to check out both Wedding Wire and Brides for all sorts of inspirational help for your wedding. In honor of Wedding Wire’s expansion, for one week (until September 27), we’ll be offering a $250 credit to anyone who contacts us to schedule a free initial consultation with us for their wedding. If you’re a current client, this applies to any services you’d like to add on to the package you already have with us! You don’t have time to waste! Contact us today, mention Wedding Wire’s expansion and schedule your consultation!