Vintage Weddings

How to have one without spending boutique-level dollars

There is a lot of buzz around the industry right now about vintage weddings and vintage engagement shoots, which are becoming elegant and lavish affairs. I think a downside to going this stylish way is the somewhat bigger budget it often requires. Your dress will usually need to come from a boutique, you have to rent more traditional table settings (which happen to be more expensive), and everything just adds up to be a little pricier. If you take a slightly-more-creative route, however, you can not only get this romantic look for less, but you end up involving your guests in a sweet way they will never forget!

This idea is more of a “vintage borrowed” wedding. Your closest guests and family members, particularly ones already married and/or older, contribute one facet of the wedding from their home or attic, even something from their own wedding. For example, your great aunt may have pewter and silver vintage picture frames throughout her house that you could use as your table number holders, or as decoration on cocktail tables. Your grandmother may have a veil that you can coordinate with your vintage wedding dress. It can be jewelry (this is a fun one!), decorations or added props (think about having an old record player or a glass and pewter serving tray gracing some tables), or a scrapbook that can be converted to a guestbook. An antique bird cage makes a great receptacle for cards brought by guests. You can have a beautiful vintage basin as a “wishing well,” where guests can write you best wishes for your future. Don’t underestimate how well old photographs (particularly wedding pictures) can help set the theme. The list is really endless, all it takes is a little creativity and willing guests! I find that convincing guests is not too hard, (especially if you have relatives from the Midwest or the South)! Most are honored that they can contribute and participate in your wedding in such a special way. Furthermore, it brings them into the wedding day much more than just their attendance would. And my favorite bonus – it’s a fun activity for guests as they wander around your wedding looking for items and wondering where they came from!

You don’t have to have a large budget to have a themed and/or elegant wedding. Think outside the box and you’d be surprised what ideas come to mind and what you can find! Treat your wedding as a special opportunity to involve others – you never know what they can offer.