Vintage? Backyard? Classic look? Check out these rentals!

Last week, I went to go check out some new arrivals at the Classic Party Rentals showroom in Burlingame. These new “farm” tables and “Tuscan” chairs can honestly be described in so many other ways, they are so versatile! As I looked at the several tabletops, my brain was swimming with design ideas for a vintage wedding, a casual backyard birthday party, or a formal dinner party with an elegant look.

Two different tabletops framed in an elegant wood-paneled room show how these farm tables can be dressed up or down.

What’s great about these tables is also their “mix-and-match” options with linens and place settings. You can leave them without linen, add a runner, or of course cover them as well. Every linen and place setting color is available for you to put together exactly what you want for your wedding or event.

With no linen and the Tuscan chairs, the round Classic Party Rental farm table works great in a backyard setting for a casual affair.

Even if you don’t want to use the farm table, or go with any of the looks I previously described, check out these Tuscan chairs. In appearance, they’re a step up from wooden folding chairs and a step down from chiavaris, so you can use them in whatever setting you’d like. They come in ivory and brown, and you can add a seat cover for some extra color, comfort or just an added accessory.

Brown Tuscan chair from Classic Party Rentals
Ivory Tuscan chair from Classic Party Rentals

Like anything you see? Did this inspire you too? We’d love to go with you and put together some great tabletops! Contact us and we’ll talk design and work with you to find your perfect rentals.

Also, I know I have been much delayed in promised blog entries (see my Preview blog post)! The good news is that it’s because I’ve been so busy getting out there and planning these exciting changes and working with new ideas and vendors. As I work on the “Tip of the Week” series, Facebook changes and our upcoming webinar, I promise the blog posts will follow! Stay tuned!