Unique hors d’oeuvres for any event: Comfort food

Want to put a smile on everybody’s face? Almost any event could run with these hor d’oeuvres and not only will they be enjoyed, but they will be remembered by your guests: mini comfort food. I have seen these at weddings, receptions, cocktail parties, you name it and they always go off as a hit! Think sliders, mini casserole dishes with mac and cheese, tiny hot dogs (almost pigs in a blanket style), etc. Not only will this usually be food your guests will enjoy but these will add an air of comfortability and ease to a high-end event, while also bringing up the level of luxury at a more casual event by serving these dishes as hor d’oeuvres. Many catering companies are able to offer these and I’ve seen some get very creative with the presentation, almost disguising the simple attraction of comfort food with elegant displays and culinary artistic add-ons in the form of sauces or garnish. Sometimes having this be the food at your event can actually decrease your catering cost, as well.

The best ways I’ve seen these work are for mixed age events, such as reunions, events with families, or corporate family functions – they thrill the kids as well as relax the adults a bit, or perhaps for a party where you want to do something different than the usual shrimp/cocktail sauce, chicken or steak skewers and passed puff pastry items. Another seasonal idea – class up your summer bbq or party with some passed comfort food hor d’oeuvres and really impress your guests! I’ll end with my favorite use of some passed sliders, finger food grilled cheese and shot glasses of chowder – kid’s birthday parties with adults. How many parents do you know who wouldn’t enjoy some catered food, hor d’oeuvres and maybe a paired drink or two while they spend their Saturday or Sunday at a birthday party??

Update June 23, 2011

If you like this idea, check out Cafe Primavera! I had the pleasure of having some of their “comfort food” last night at an event and from someone who considers themselves a bit of a macaroni-and-cheese snob, they had the BEST macaroni-and-cheese I have ever had! Add to that bbq pulled pork sliders, chocolate chip cookies to die for and cole slaw I actually enjoyed eating (as opposed to eating it because it looks healthy), and you’ve got yourself a dynamite caterer for serving comfort food.

Check them out! Cafe Primavera Catering