Training Tip of the Week

 Today’s blog post is part 1 of a 3 part series with my best advice for preparing to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Stay tuned for the next two Thursdays for more!

Planning and Support

Start Early

For any beauty changes you might want to make for your big day, the longer you have the better! Start adjusting your exercise habits, getting enough sleep, growing your hair nice and long (or testing out how short you want it!) and developing a plan that works for you right away!

Consult with Professionals

Top 3 professionals you want to meet with are a personal trainer, your dress designer/consultant, and your hair and makeup specialist – these professionals exist because they have the expertise to best consult you on what changes would help you look and feel your best by the wedding day. Most professionals will offer you a free consultation – it doesn’t hurt to hear what they suggest!

Plan for All those Wedding Splurges

Being engaged provides you with lots of opportunities to eat, drink and have sweets – personally, I think those are some of the best parts of engagement! Keep those cake tastings and bridal champagne showers from making that dress a bit tight by thinking ahead and cutting out some extra sugar or calories the rest of the day.

Find Some Support

Grab one buddy (or many!) and get them involved in your fitness goals. Best way to do this is a bootcamp – I offer “bridal bootcamps” for my clients and they’re always such a wonderful way to have fun, stay (or get) in shape, and even have some bonding time.