Training Tip of the Week Part 3

Bride and groom recess down aisle after ceremony at Hotel Los Gatos
Bridal bootcamp for the bride and bridesmaids can be a fun way to get in shape for the wedding! Or you can do bootcamp as a unique bridal shower!
Tammy, the bride, feels beautiful after training and doing bridal bootcamp with Caitlin!

Today’s blog post is the final part of a 3-part series with my best advice for preparing to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! This week we cover my favorites – the training-specific ones that get you into action! If I had to boil bridal bootcamp and personal training down into 4 simple tips, this is what they would be!

To go back and read part 1, check out our post on Wedding Training Tips or last week’s Training Tip of the Week Part 2.

Make It Happen!

Pushups and Posture

If you do nothing else, you have to do pushups and work on your posture (and posture muscles!). The best way to get sexy dress arms is pushups but you also don’t want rounded shoulders at your wedding! Your arms, back, chest and tummy will all look better with good posture so work on those back muscles in your exercise program, sit up tall and be conscious of how you walk and stand, pulling your shoulder blades back and down.

Don’t be Scared of Weights

You can’t get the sculpted arms look without weights – losing weight and doing cardio will just shed the fat but not tighten anything. Mix in weight training with your cardio to get the best shedding and toning results. On average, doing 12-15 repetitions per exercise will be your best bet to prevent muscle build but still get that sculpted look.

Less Champagne, More Water

Probably the least glamorous of all these tips, I had to include this one because it is such a simple way to look awesome in your dress and in any pictures. Alcohol (of any kind, not just champagne!) not only has unnecessary sugar in it that can slow down your weight loss, but even if you’re not trying to lose weight, alcohol will bloat you and decrease the awesome toning you’re developing from that weight training! On the other hand, drinking lots of water will help you shed weight faster, prevent bloat and the more hydrated your muscles are, the more sculpted they look!

Take it One Day at a Time

Don’t think too far ahead! All you can do, particularly with exercise and beauty, is today’s work so focus on what you need to do today and let those that support you (see past tips!) and your wedding coordinator worry about the rest. Enjoy what each day brings – you’re only planning this wedding once, don’t try to hurry up and get there!

Wedding coordinator adjusts train of bride right before she walks down the aisle
Stunning Hawaii bride and groom kiss by the beach
Outline of a lace trimmed gown with green and white floral bouquet

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