Training Tip of the Week Part 2

Bride and groom recess down aisle after ceremony at Hotel Los Gatos
Bridal bootcamp for the bride and bridesmaids can be a fun way to get in shape for the wedding! Or you can do bootcamp as a unique bridal shower!
Tammy, the bride, feels beautiful after training and doing bridal bootcamp with Caitlin!

Today’s blog post is part 2 of a 3 part series with my best advice for preparing to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Stay tuned next Thursday for the last set of 4 tips – my favorites, actually!

To go back and read part 1, check out last week’s post on Wedding Training Tips.

Let People (and Your Dress!) Help

Work with a Photographer that Flatters You

There are a lot of photographers out there that take great pictures, but the list is shorter when you look for someone that knows how to work with you as an individual. Your wedding photographer should be looking out for your best interests and ensuring you look even more gorgeous than you already do! Find one that makes you feel comfortable and like you could be a model.

Be Realistic with the Dress

A good trainer will be able to tell you realistically what dress size you could aim for by the wedding date, but a more important consideration than the size is picking a dress that will accentuate the good curves (and play down those we wish we didn’t have). It’ll take some stress away to know that no matter whether you achieve your fitness goals or not, you have a dress waiting that makes you feel gorgeous.

Deal with Stress

Stress does affect how you look! It slows (or counteracts completely) weight loss efforts, increases water retention (i.e. more weight and bloat), andincreases stress lines and your tendency to eat more! Hire a wedding coordinator that is committed to helping you where you need it and making sure you’re happy, take a bubble bath, and go get a pedicure, just because you deserve it!

Use Your Engagement Session as a Practice Round

Your photographer will tell you this as well, but having an engagement session is the best way to practice your communication and work on your comfortability with them, and to find out what produces the best pictures of you as a couple. Let’s face it, you’re not models, just a normal couple who want wedding pictures you’re going to love forever, so give yourselves a little practice.

Wedding coordinator adjusts train of bride right before she walks down the aisle
Stunning Hawaii bride and groom kiss by the beach
Outline of a lace trimmed gown with green and white floral bouquet

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