Top 5 Things to Look for in a DJ

A lively dance floor where guests are enjoying themselves is a credit to the DJ

1. Personality and Trust: You have to like a DJ’s personality! They have the microphone most of the event, and will lead the flow and feel of the party. Do you feel that they’re a good fit for your wedding/event and your guests? Would you trust them to ad lib, make jokes, and make everyone feel comfortable?


2. DJ Skills: Music Choice and Reading the Crowd: Do you like their style? When you meet with DJs, they will each describe to you what they like to do at the wedding/event and how they view their jobs as DJ/MC. They’ll likely differ in their perspective and approach so choose one that provides what you want. Seek out references – are they able to get a crowd going?


3. MC Skills: Cheesy or Funny? Similar to #2, do you like their style as an emcee as well? How much will they be on the mic at your event and could they command the crowd?

Dance floor with bride and groom in the center

4. What They Can Do: Keep your needs in mind when you contact potential DJs. Do you need both a DJ and MC? Would you want them to provide slideshow or other media equipment? Do they do lighting? Would they provide any other services you’ll need or want – I’m a firm believer of keeping your vendor list to a minimum if you can find vendors that are experts at multiple fields.


5. Team Player: Do you think they’ll be a team player? DJs that run their own show separate from other vendors tend to hurt the flow of your event. Since the DJ effectively transitions guests into each stage of an event, they have to work well with the caterer, coordinator, and any other entertainment.


Want more? I could certainly keep going and make a Top 10 list!Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you to find a DJ for your wedding or event and offer our list of DJs we think fit this Top 5 list!