Top 5 Tabletops We’re Loving

We spend a good part of each day seeing what ideas are out there for event design, and most days we find something so unique or adorable that today we want to share some of our current favorites. Gathered from several sources, here are the top five tabletops we are loving!


1. Simple and Bright, photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty and Apertura photography


We love how the bright magenta of the flowers stand out against the crisp white of the table. You don’t have to go fancy with linen, glassware or place settings when you have such vibrancy in the arrangements. The black makes a nice contrast and gives an overall simple elegance to the table that can be for a casual or dressy affair.


2. Pink Dessert Table, photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty and Mel & Co.


3. Red and Black Decadence, photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty and Mel & Co.


For a night affair, we’re pretty sure red and black are the best colors to say elegance, luxury and a great party. Check out the extravagance of an evening at Engage11 – although the lighting and design of the room adds a lot, these tabletops are classy in sticking with their colors, bringing in a pinch of green, but saying it all with the tall vases and glassware. Designed tablecloths and colored glassware at any event are favorites of ours!

Get your pink out on the dessert table! If you like the pink and red color scheme, but don’t want to plaster it across your event, a dessert table is a great place to express it, especially for spring or summer events. I love this spread from this year’s Engage11 conference at the Grand del Mar in San Diego. Fun and casual, yet very elegant in its design and offerings.

4. Vintage, photos courtesy of La Belle Bride and Micah and Megan Dahlberg


With a vintage look, you can get very creative and eclectic with your tabletop props and flowers. Table settings don’t need to be fancy if they are dressed up by overflowing florals and some accessories that can be collected from family members, friends, or antique shops. Even bargain stores will have some vintage-looking pieces that if arranged around the center of the table, will completely take the attention away from a more simple place setting. I love that clock!


5. Subtle Pinks, photos courtesy of Wildflower Linens and Cean One photography


For a baby or bridal shower, ladies’ tea, or birthday party, we think this is a darling combination of subtle colors, brought out by the design in linens, chairs and various table arrangements. A flower on each place setting is a wonderful touch and combining different types of tables with unique chairs at each setting make it an exciting, and individual, experience for each guest. What an elegant affair!