Top 5 Guest Books

Through some blog reading of some great minds in the industry, bride coffee dates and my own daydreaming, I’ve come up with 5 awesome and unique guest book ideas for today’s blog entry. Take a look for some inspiration! Share your ideas!

1. Puzzle Pieces

Each guest gets to sign a puzzle piece, which you can then put together as a couple and either frame, or leave as a puzzle to use forever! You can get these puzzle guest books in lots of different styles, some creating a picture, others with an engagement picture in the middle. I love how cute these look when they’re finished!

2. Growing up pictures – At what age did your guests meet you?

Find pictures (funny, cute or serious) of each of you growing up at different stages of life and mat them. Have guests sign the photo mat of you at the age at which they met you. You can look back and have all of well wishes from your high school friends, college buddies etc on one page. Have those that met the two of you as a couple sign your engagement pictures also matted. When you put these in a book later, you can either place them chronologically or randomly for a keepsake picture + guest book combo!

3. Flipbook

This one is becoming less unique and original, but I love that it’s because more and more couples like to have these setups at their wedding! I see this as the latest version of Kodak photobooth guest books. Fun and interactive, they’re a way for guests to express their personality and can double as a favor they take home with them. Have guests sign your “master” copy as they participate.

4. “Wishing Well” for your 1 year anniversary

Don’t just have guests sign “best wishes” and “congratulations” – add a twist to it by asking them to make a wish for your marriage, or to offer some marriage advice. The fun happens when you don’t open these wishes for a full year, and read them together on your 1 year anniversary. You get to laugh again at the funny memories of your wedding as well as hear what some of your guests wished for your first year. Then combine all of the wishes into your book (or keep in a box as your permanent “wishing well”)!

5. For the traveling couple – Postcards!

One of my couples did this for their wedding and I thought it was adorable. They love to travel and thought postcards, instead of a traditional guest book, would express their personality the best. Setting this one up is a lot of fun – make a display of it with suitcases, especially vintage ones. Create an entire guest book table filled with souvenirs, camping gear, whatever it is that best displays your travel style. Get postcards from all the places you’ve been as a couple or where you’d like to go, as a travel “wish list.” Each guest can sign a postcard and put it in your “suitcase.”


What are some of your guest book ideas?? Want some pictures, examples or ideas for you? Contact us and we’ll give you some referrals of where you can get these or help you brainstorm something uniquely you.