The Power of Referral

I believe our referrals are one of the most powerful things we have to offer.  When we give our word that someone is great, professional, etc, that gives that individual or company real-life qualification that stands above expertise or education. The power of referral is evident everywhere in society: the BBB seal (indicating that the Better Business Bureau would refer this individual), the discounts we receive from mentioning our original source, – an entire website dedicated to referrals!


BBB Accredited Business shows a company's recommendation from a greater establishment.
Many companies offer referral programs to reward us passing on the good word, or coming to them based on a referral. is an entire website dedicated to referrals

There are two key implications of the power of referral: Don’t just plan your event using the internet and refer people you love.

When planning your event, find people who can tell you what a vendor did well and what they didn’t. Do your research and hire a coordinator who can give you referrals for all your vendors. Vendors have a reputation to uphold when you were referred to them (especially if it’s a referral from a fellow professional they hope to work with!), and they’re more keen to honor a good word.

Don’t forget to refer people you love! If you have worked with anyone who did a good job, or if you got wonderful products or service from a particular company, share it! Your recommendation alone could be the key to a friend or acquaintance also getting that same wonderful level of service, quality, professionalism, etc. Referrals cost you nothing.


Would you like to hear the list of vendors we refer? Contact usand let us work with you on putting together your wedding/event. We do offer smaller services such as vendor procurement only. See a sampling of our event services here.


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