The final week of our 4 weeks of great date nights!

We’re capping off our 4 weeks of great date nights to celebrate February with Caitlin herself sharing her favorite dates and tips. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and that it’s given you tons of inspiration for your own great date nights!

As I was thinking about this post, I had the benefit of more time to think being the last one of the series and the month of February, but also the downside of having some great ideas stolen by the other ladies of the Caitlin Arnold Events team! Regardless, I think I’ve landed on what I’ve really loved about every amazing date I can think of – and it was that they weren’t really “dates” by the traditional sense of the word, but “experiences.” Maybe it’s a whole day exploring Monterey, or being tourists for a day in San Francisco, but whether or not it was 1 hour or 12, included a meal or not, I just love spending time doing a fun activity with the man I love and my best friend. And my husband and I have decided we prefer saving and spending our money that way, as opposed to gifts or smaller dates more often. So here are some of my favorite “experience” dates!

Behind the Scenes Tour at the Monterey Bay Aquarium 


This one was a surprise for me (actually as an anniversary gift). We got up way too early (I’m not a morning person), and headed to Monterey to tour the aquarium before it opened. I have always said that in a second life I’d like to be a marine biologist, so this was not only thoughtful and personal, but fun to do together! We got to see behind the “employees only” doors where they nurse sick or young animals, do some of the feedings and have the entire aquarium to ourselves for a couple of hours. If you’re a member of the aquarium, you can also attend one of their member nights, which significantly reduces the crowd and involves some fun activities for aquarium members.

Playing Hooky at Great America on a Weekday 


Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned spontaneous skipped work day to go to an amusement park! Don’t worry, this was before owning my own company where I can’t get away anymore! I’m a firm believer that to do this date right, you have to go all the way – cotton candy, henna tattoos and every ride till you’re just sick. Just you and the one you love – maybe end with some In N’Out and a movie night – the AMC Theaters and In N’ Out are just down the street!

Going all out at La Fondue


For the opposite of the Great America suggestion, go a little more high brow and splurge on a fabulous dinner. Now while going to La Fondue is a perfectly legitimate date on its own, to be in tune with my “experience” theme, you’ll have to do the full shebang – Le Freak C’est Chic. Literally every single meat that La Fondue has to offer – 25 oz of 19 different meats on the regular menu, plus their special me ants. Before you look that up and think we’re way more baller than we are, Travelzoo occasionally offers this amazing deal for LFCC for two and a bottle of champagne for less than half the price that would’ve added up to. So set up those email alerts now and have the date of your life!

Being the “Best Significant Other” for a day


This one my husband asked me to add to the list when I asked him what his favorite dates of all time were. As a surprise for him ( a flip side to the first on listed above) I decided to be the best significant other for a day. I learned how to play one of his favorite video games on expert level and make it without failing for 5 straight minutes (talk about practice!), i had awesome Giants tickets and even decked myself out in all Giants gear (this is back when I was a Cubs fan, so even more of a gift than it would be today), and had nothing but red meat for dinner. Show your real sacrificial side for your loved one and make a date out of being “perfect” for them for a day.

I hope some of these were inspiring to you to cap out our “month of love,” or at least entertaining to read! What are some of your favorite date nights? We’d love to hear!