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Let me preface this review by saying that I never even entertained the idea of having a wedding coordinator for my wedding until I met Caitlin—I plan events for a living (I’m in PR), and I’m extremely detail-oriented and wanted complete control of the vision I had for our wedding. I didn’t feel that I needed to spend money having someone else do all of this when I could do it myself. Having recently been married and having the newly gleaned wisdom of a bride who just went through all the motions of wedding planning, I have to tell you this: you MUST have a wedding planner as part of your wedding process. And if you can get Caitlin to play this role for you, I can guarantee you will be sane enough to actually ENJOY and REMEMBER the fun and beauty of your wedding day.

After a very helpful initial consultation, I started meeting with her about 6 months before my wedding. Extremely detail-oriented and effortlessly professional and poised, she worked flawlessly with all of my vendors, including my venue’s dedicated day-of coordinators, to ensure that all of the details of our day were exactly how I wanted them. She even made these killer, UBER-detailed timelines that were customized for our vendors, wedding party, and my fiance and me—down to the very last minute (they were about 8 pages long). It helped everyone get on the same page and we had very few questions from our family and wedding party because Caitlin had prepped them so well. The most stressful part of our wedding process was the few days leading up to our wedding itself—we were so stretched in a million different directions trying to spend time with our wonderful guests and I am SO thankful that I could rest easily knowing that Caitlin was taking care of all of the moving pieces in the final hours.

Initially I thought I couldn’t afford a wedding coordinator, but I found the money by cutting some other things out and now my memories of my wedding day revolve around my husband, our guests, and how much fun we all had—instead of vendor mishaps and the stress of trying to set up for our own reception. Caitlin was, by far, the best decision we made regarding our wedding and I could not recommend her services highly enough.
– Lauren Svensson, married 5.19.2012 Las Vegas, NV

Thank goodness Paul and I had Caitlin as our wedding coordinator! She was by far the best investment we made in our wedding, and I absolutely cannot imagine how things would have gone without her. Caitlin is professional, detail-oriented and a beacon of positive energy—which really IS what a bride needs every step of the way in wedding planning and coordination. She has by far the most amazing “can-do” attitude I’ve ever seen in someone in this field, and will go out of her way to make sure the wedding you want is the wedding you will get. Her vendor referrals were spot on when it came down to matching people with our personalities, and all of her recommendations for our ballroom wedding were elegant and tasteful. Most importantly, she was able to coordinate every single aspect of the wedding down to its most minute detail, thus keeping me stress free and able to focus on myself and the bridal party.Caitlin REALLY knows what she is doing. Don’t let her youthful visage fool you—she is knowledgeable and savvy, a strong communicator and a tough negotiator for her clients. She juggles and manages people incredibly well, and can navigate through family politics, bridal party demands, vendor inefficiencies and face any last minute hiccup and obstacle with confidence and aplomb. If you want to have your wedding go off without a hitch, you should absolutely trust in and rely on Caitlin Arnold. With Caitlin managing things for you, I promise you will have a wonderful, truly special and beautiful day with your partner. Caitlin Arnold gets my lifelong recommendation.
– Genelle Hung, married 4.21.2012 Burlingame, CA
For those brides out there reading this and contemplating whether or not  you should hire a wedding coordinator, I would tell you from first-hand experience that it is worth every penny. If the venue of our choice did not require a wedding coordinator, I would not have entertained the idea of having one either. But knowing what I know now and the value Caitlin provided on the day of the wedding, what a big mistake that would’ve been!

If you’re looking at Caitlin’s webpage, look no further. She is talented, organized and extremely responsive. Believe me, when you’re planning your wedding, you’ll want your coordinator on top of everything and super responsive to every question you have, big or small; she is that girl! In fact, she was so great to work with that the catering manager at our wedding venue in Yountville invited her to be their preferred vendor. I believe this is a true testament to her ability!

Caitlin Arnold single-handedly designed and flawlessly implemented the vision I had for my special day. She’s a very good listener and has great taste. I trusted her opinion on every design detail from floral arrangements to flower girl dresses. She delivered on every aspect and then some.  Her vendor recommendations were also spot-on. My DJ, Photographer and Florist were all wonderful to work with. In short, having Caitlin as our coordinator, my husband and I had the perfect wedding party we envisioned, and our guests are still talking about it today.
– Myles Tu, married 5.24.13 Yountville, CA