Steps to Planning a Corporate Event: Step 2

How to plan a successful event can vary depending on the type of event hosted, but for a corporate event or fundraiser, the process can be outlined into 6 major steps. Part one was featured last Tuesday, with steps 1-3. Before that, we’ll outlined basic steps to planning a social event.

4. Delegate responsibilities and tie event together

Whether you have a committee, a group of volunteers or want your event production company to staff the event, you need to be in contact with each person at this stage to ensure that all tasks to prepare are covered. Give everyone enough time to successfully cover their responsibilities, without you having to do the extra “catch-up” work. The production process can be quite time-consuming, so get started as soon as you have venue and vendors nailed down.

Most of this coordination and organization can be handled by your event coordinator. At the very least, we provide a planning timeline to every client that outlines specific dates for each task to get done and we manage all of the communication among individuals to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

Catered hor d'ouevres - can be fancy or simple but they set the tone for your event and should be in line with your theme.

5. Get into specifics – site diagrams, details and TIMELINE

1-2 months out from the event, you’ll need to determine specifics for your venue and vendors. The three key things you’ll need to determine are site layout (how do you want to design the room(s), based on your guest count, type of event and flow of the day), details for all activities (such as the creation of silent auction bid books, check in procedures, any necessary staffing) and the timeline.

With your event coordinator, often you won’t have to be concerned with the lengthy process of formulating details and optimizing final production of the event. Our company always meets with you to determine specifics and your desires and then create a detailed diagram and timeline for you to determine changes and approve. Once additional details are formed and acted upon, we then take care of getting the timeline, site diagrams and additional information to venue, vendors and day-of staff.

Site layout for event fundraiser created by Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events, showing a hall for a silent auction and registration. Our site layouts are very detailed and organized, covering all aspects of the event and considering guest flow and effici
Timeline for event fundraiser created by Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events, page 1. Our timelines are very detailed and organized, covering all aspects of the event.

6. Final confirmations

One to two weeks before your event, you’ll want to confirm all details with your vendors and day-of event staff. Ensure you know their arrival time, specific responsibilities per your meetings with them and departure time. Gather final payments and gratuities. Provide them with the final timeline and any last-minute changes in guest count or layout. Your event coordinator will likely handle this entire step for you!

Your coordinator will ensure the full event goes to plan – whether we’re there, or whether you’ve opted to simply use us for planning work and not for day-of, our work guarantees that your event will run smoothly and be exactly what you’ve hoped for. Our priority is that your company or foundation is properly represented and the guests are pleased with having attended.

Corporate event venue, set up with projector and lighting with elaborate tabletops

If you would like to discuss your event with us, please feel free to contact us. We offer consultation-only services and a la carte help through full coordination. We can also provide you with a proposal for your event to show you how we can help plan, design and coordinate your event. If you’re interested, set up a complimentary initial consultation!