pinterest_logo_redPinterest has been around long enough for us to weigh in, I think, on it’s power, influence and helpfulness in the wedding and event industry. When it first got started and popular, I could almost hear the wedding industry exploding with joy and tripping over themselves to get  an account opened and populated. But how has it developed or helped the industry? Is it just something fun to do or can we as party planners, wedding coordinators, brides, or any creative folk really use it to develop our visions, our plans or get business?

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Personally I have yet to receive any direct business from it, and – don’t hate me – haven’t gotten “addicted” to using it yet, but I love how tremendously helpful it is in working with a client to get a vision nailed down. How do sometimes not very articulate individuals express the picture they have in their mind? Especially for a party or wedding, with how many iterations or decor there can be? Pictures! Before, clients would have to email me a jpg or bring it a magazine cut-out. Now we have a shared board and just pin ideas back and forth. Not to mention the sharing capabilities when we bring other design vendors on board. With all of my design clients, I now develop boards that we finesse together and I can pair with a design proposal to get a firm vision to execute. Such an easier system!

Of course there’s always pinning my absolute favorites that I can pull out later when needed. (No more of that “Oh, I know exactly what would be perfect here, I saw it on a blog six months ago…wonder if I can find it again!”).

But what do YOU use it for? Brides, vendors, socialites? I want to hear your best and most effective loves of Pinterest – or if you hate it, share with me that too!

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I suppose the future of Pinterest remains to be seen, but in the meantime, we can always pin our hearts out and have a good time doing it!

For some examples, check out Myles and John's Design Board

For some examples, check out Myles and John’s Design Board

Or Tina and Adam's Design Board in process!

Or Tina and Adam’s Design Board in process!