Lessons learned from a 40th birthday party

I recently had the privilege of helping to plan and host a 40th birthday party here in Mountain View. I cannot tell you how wonderful my clients and this family was, and how fantastic the party ended up! But I thought I’d share for today’s post just a few quick things I noticed and learned from this experience, in the hopes it may help some of you!

In no particular order, Lesson one: Feeding the kids before the adults. I’ve been of the mind that feeding everyone simultaneously makes things easier on the caterer and prevents kids from running crazy on a food high while parents are trying to eat. But let me tell you, if you are having a party that has a fair amount of kids (30% or more), planning ahead with the caterer (or working with a flexible one) to allow for feeding the kiddos earlier makes for a smoother experience for everyone. Parents can focus on getting them fed, and no one has a “hunger meltdown.” Any kids who are on the cusp of kids meal vs adult meal can have a little of both and you just count them twice in the final numbers.

Lesson Two: A little bit invested in decor goes a long way. For the average party 50 people or less, there’s not that much you have to rent anyways, but putting in a bit extra for some gorgeous somewhat-over-the-top flowers, a pop of color and style in the linens or some luminescent heaters just wow your guests and give such a big bang for your buck. Don’t forget that your guests are visual; before they enjoy your food, drink or anything else, they’re going to look at what you’ve prepared for them as soon as they arrive!

Lesson Three: Having someone there to help you host or hostess is HUGE to your enjoyment of your own party! I know this and sell this all the time, but it really touched me to watch my lovely clients really relaxing and just socializing with guests the entire evening. I saw looks of pleasant surprise on guest’s faces when I would gently mingle among them asking if I could refill wine glasses, grab someone a particular appetizer they missed or direct their kids to the play room. To avoid further “tooting my own horn,” these were comments from this particular client – “I was extremely pleased with having you on site the day of the event. Many of my guests remarked how nice and efficient you were…You helped us throw a wonderful birthday party. It was a magic night that we will remember for years.” What a difference a few hours of “on-site hostessing” can make!

What lessons have you learned from hosting your own parties? I’d love to hear your own experience and advice in the comments!

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