Lisa’s favorite stationery design

As those of you who have read my bio know, I’m a designer and one of my favorite bits of wedding design is the stationery. It’s a wonderful way to include some personality into your wedding design, be it through your favorite colors, custom designs and illustrations, or just your favorite flower. There are so many ways to make your wedding your own, but a consistent story through all your wedding stationery is a great way to create a cohesive design.

This week I’ve been gathering some of my favorite stationery designs on Pinterest, I’m including some of them here and the rest are on the board for you to peruse!


Lately I’ve been a tad obsessed with letterpress printing and want everything printed that way. I especially love the vintage look of the invites above by Minted. Letterpress printing involves hand-setting movable type into the bed of a press, inking it, then printing by hand. It is the oldest print method around and hasn’t changed very much since Gutenberg invented it. Letterpress occurs when a raised surface (the type) is inked and pressed against paper to create the image or text, which appears in both ink and texture. Letterpress is currently enjoying a revival, particularly in the wedding industry, as it ensures a level of custom attention to detail that brides and grooms love.


One of the great things about letterpress is that it’s so personal – you get to know your typesetter when you choose letterpress for your print goods, as opposed to filling out a form online (not that there’s anything wrong with that either!). For a couple looking to have a custom, personal design for their wedding, letterpress might be for you! Above is an example of a letterpress design done by Flywheel Press in San Mateo, a shop owned and run by Amber, who also does all her own design and typesetting.

Another thing I’m very into these days is a wedding logo. Now, you might be wondering why a wedding would need branding or a logo, but just it’s another way to unify the style of your wedding. Even a simple monogram of your initials can create a cohesive look for everything from your save the dates to menus, and everything else!


This is a great use of a simple logo, and it’s letterpressed! It creates a wonderful look for the entire wedding, even down to the napkins! This design was created by The Lettered Olive Letterpress.

To see more great stationery design, visit our Pinterest page and check out the board “Lisa’s Favorite Stationery Design” and enjoy!