Introducing a new member of the Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events team!

We are excited to introduce a new member of the Caitlin Arnold Events team – Lisa Mumbach has joined as Design and Marketing Manager and will be a new voice here on the blog. Below is her bio along with a message from Lisa.

Lisa: Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be joining Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events officially! I have known Caitlin for 4 years now after starting as one of her personal training trainees. Caitlin whipped me into shape and we became fast friends. In 2011, I left my job as an editor to pursue a secondary degree in graphic design—Caitlin became my first client when she started up the “new” Caitlin Arnold Events and asked me to design her logo. Since then we have collaborated on many projects and I couldn’t be happier to join her team in this capacity. As you’ll see in my bio below, my passion has always been for words and design. I love creating interesting logos and layouts, which is one of the things that drew me to the wedding industry in the first place—all the fun typography and stationary that goes along with every wedding!

I’ll be blogging here, as well as taking the helm of social media, so if you have something interesting to share, feel free to send it my way: I look forward to sharing with all of you some of my favorite weddings, tips, and fun pieces of design!

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa has been dancing around the wedding industry since her planning her own wedding in 2007, but got really involved when Caitlin tasked her with designing a logo for her new business. Since then, Lisa has worked on a number of design projects for Caitlin, and officially joined Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events in July 2013 as Design and Marketing Manager.

Lisa loves the confluence of weddings and design – particularly the stationary! Lisa has always had a zest for words—after spending much of her childhood with her nose in a book, she graduated from Mills College in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and went on to work in the design department of a non-profit as an editor and production manager before leaving to pursue a degree in graphic design. Her true passion lies at the application of design and typography, starting with logo design and branching into layout and social media design, weddings, social and corporate events have become perfect areas for Lisa to apply her skills.

Lisa lives in San Mateo with her husband Zach and their dog Brodie, and enjoys traveling, discovering new foods, reading and writing, and designing new artwork for their home. She looks forward to helping clients apply their unique aesthetic to every aspect of their wedding or event design.