How to pick vendors

You might think that an entry titled “How to pick vendors” would talk about how to determine quality, price shopping, negotiating contracts, etc. While those are all important, if I wrote about all the factors necessary for choosing a vendor, this entry would be a book! Besides, I think we all accept that you want a vendor that does high-quality work and, unless you have an unlimited budget, you’d like someone that charges a reasonable price. But what I think goes mostly unnoticed is the importance of a vendor’s personality.

I would place your relationship with your vendor as a high priority determining factor when choosing any professional who will be working with you regularly as you plan, and particularly those who will be present on your wedding or event day.

These are individuals who in part determine what kind of planning process you will have. If you are fighting over details, if they are not dependable, if they do not express care or concern for your vision of your day and how you are feeling about the process, that’s going to cause some stress. I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable a process is when everyone gets along. Picture being on your way to an appointment with your photographer, your coordinator, or your florist when you’re worried about the planning and how it’s going. Regardless of how talented they are at their jobs, if you are not greeted by someone who truly cares about you and someone who is friendly and personable, your mood will probably not improve and that meeting is likely going to be draining, when it should be exciting.

If you’re planning a wedding, these are also individuals who will be around you all day on that wedding day. Let me tell you that on such a special, intimate day, you don’t want someone around who feels like a stranger. The photographer, makeup and hair artist, and coordinator are all going to be messing with the bride, and her dress, and hair, and, and, and…The same vendors and the florists are going to be working with the groom, bridal party and family members…All day the DJ is going to be talking about you as a couple. I could go on. Wouldn’t you want all these vendors to feel like part of the wedding, not just because you hired them but because they truly care about you and your day?

Lastly, these are individuals who will be around your guests. This often is overlooked. Your guests will see and feel anyone who is grouchy, harsh, stressed, or simply unfriendly. Sadly, I have watched vendors snap at guests or be rude to them because “they are only hired by the client.” True, but every one of your guests should feel welcome and enjoy the event – that’s why they’re invited, we hope! 🙂 What good would it do for you to feel calm, happy and like you trust your vendors when everyone else notices vendors that are freaking out? Or not allowing the guests to enjoy themselves or the event?

When you are choosing vendors, make sure you meet with them. Get to know what kind of person they are. This is a business that involves personality. Since it’s unavoidable that wedding and event professionals will produce work or service that somehow reflects who they are, make sure they’re someone you love!