How to Create a Theme

4 Steps to Creating a Seamless Event

  1. Decide what you’re trying to convey at your event. For a wedding, it’s typical to want to display your personality as a couple, or perhaps a shared interest. For an event, oftentimes it’s best to build off of the type of event in developing a theme – never fight the natural elements of your event.
  2. Determine a venue. On the one hand, you want to pick a venue that meshes well with your theme ideas. At the same time, you want to pick a venue that fits your guest list, your budget and location desires. It’s important that you book your venue before solidly determining your theme, because you want to know what built-in design you have through the venue itself. It costs a lot more to work against a room or location than it does to go with it. Once you’ve decided on a venue, determine what decorations, props, colors and other natural facets you have available to you.
  3. Envision how prominent you want your theme to be. Usually at weddings a theme is muted, not wanting to overshadow the main purpose of being there – the couple! For events, themes can get as bold as you’d like them to be, but can certainly be more subtle as well. The theme can simply be “Elegance.” The idea of a theme is to shape your planning choices, such as linens, music, lighting, etc.
  4. Work with your vendors all together to develop something that is seamless. Your florist will need to know the color, texture and style of the linens to properly design their arrangements. Likewise, your lighting designer will need to know about the floral design. Every vendor builds off everyone else and it’s important to hire vendors that can work with other professionals to create your event with a well-designed theme.

Themes don’t have to mean “Western” or “Hollywood” etc. A theme is just the general idea of your event, displayed through your design choices. Although your wedding or event does not need a theme, it’s helpful to develop one before you begin booking vendors and beginning to make choices about your event so that the final product will look tied together and fluid. If you have trouble designing your idea or figuring out how to implement it, that is what your professionals are for! Check out our “Get Me Started” wedding package, designed to help you develop a theme and vision for your wedding at the get-go. If you’re planning an event, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your event and how we can help create your vision. We offer consultation-only event services, where we can simply assist you in developing your theme! Check out a sampling of our event services here.