How to Choose a Wedding Coordinator

If you’re even reading this blog post, you’re either considering a wedding coordinator (which means you already seem some value behind one), you believe wedding coordinators are useful or important, or you already like me and follow my blog because you find me interesting 🙂 All of which are fabulous places to start when choosing your coordinator!

Now, I’m just addressing weddings today, as I’m well aware that you approach hiring an event coordinator very differently!  

Let’s assume you already see some value in a coordinator (remember, you’re in one of the three camps above). How do you choose between your options? Is it simply price comparison and date availability?

On your wedding day, you’re about to jump out of a plane. Equally expensive (relatively speaking), equally scary at times, and yet equally thrilling. And once you start it, you can’t really go back – the day has started, guests are on their way, change to the décor, schedule or vendors is rather inflexible; you’re in the air. You have to rely on your parachute – your coordinator. Even though I’ve never jumped out a plane, I would speculate that you hold that parachute in pretty high regard. You’ve spent time getting to know how to use it, you’ve quadruple-checked that it works, and you’re really hoping the company didn’t skimp and buy a “bargain” chute.

Sky diving. Choosing a wedding coordinator is like choosing your parachute or your diving buddy.
Sky diving. Choosing a wedding coordinator is like choosing your parachute or your diving buddy.

Hiring your coordinator should be the same. Get to know what each coordinator offers differently. Not one of us does the same task the same way, so if you simply look at the service list, you will not get a clear picture – know how “your parachute” will work when it comes time for that wedding. And don’t just look for a bargain or price compare. Remember, you get one shot and no “do-overs” on all that planning, money and emotion. Seek value. Do you really want the parachute that was on sale or is being tried for the first time?

In fact, maybe it’s better to compare the coordinator to your jumping buddy who is going to pull your chute. You want someone who you trust, you’re ok being strapped to the whole time, and you enjoy being around, right? That’s how you choose.

If you want to investigate having me as your jumping buddy, contact me and I’d be happy to sit down, get to know you and talk about what I do differently than other coordinators. If I’m not that person, that’s fine too! I don’t fit every criteria for every couple and not all of you want me strapped to your back for an 11-hour wedding day 🙂 If we’re not a good fit, I’d be happy to recommend other coordinators that I’d trust to use as my parachutes. Make your search about these priorities and you won’t be stuck in mid-air regretting your decision.