How to Care for Your Engagement Ring and Other Jewelry

Today’s blog post comes from Christine of Christine Guibara Jewelry. Growing up witnessing her father’s artistic abilities in sculpting, and her mother’s in interior design, Christine has a love for beauty and the creative design process. Her line of jewelry is designed solely by her and her clients’ visions, using nature and natural elements as the template. She is super passionate about jewelry and has lots of expertise to share!

For many pieces of jewelry, there is deep emotion and memory attached – the ring handed down from your grandmother, the gift from your husband, the piece you bought yourself for a personal milestone. What’s not included with that piece is how to care for it. Jewelry doesn’t have a “dry clean only” tag attached to it, but there are 10 tips and instructions that you must know.

1. Diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth, but not invincible. Diamonds can withstand pressure and heat to amazing amounts, but one correct blow can chip it in an instant. One drop in the sink or onto the tile floor is all it takes. Be aware of your surroundings, especially when taking jewelry on and off.

Custom engagement ring by Christine Guibara Jewelry

2. How many of us have dipped our hand in an ice cold cooler on a hot day? I would venture to say almost everyone. If you have a ring on that hand, there’s a chance the stone will crack from the sudden change from temperature.  Soft stones like opal and tanzanite are more susceptible; Diamonds and sapphires are able to withstand the change.

Necklace by Christine Guibara Jewelry

3. Nobody likes to untangle chains, yet we often find ourselves picking at little knots especially after traveling. Want a way to organize? Get a pill box. It’s a great organizer for earrings, necklaces, or rings. Another option that many jewelers use is putting a necklace in a small Ziploc bag with the clasp sticking out.

4. Remove your jewelry when cleaning. Harsh chemicals are exactly that – harsh! Bleaches, ammonias and other chemicals can discolor and weaken some stones and metal.

5. The best way to clean your jewelry is with mild dish soap and warm water. You can use a SOFT toothbrush to clean, and then dry with a polishing cloth or chamois. Every year or so it’s a great idea to bring your precious and most worn pieces into a jeweler to be professionally cleaned.

6. Plated jewelry shows wear fastest as the outside coating vanishes. A great way to make these pieces look new again is to re-plate them! Bring a piece into your jeweler for a quick pick-me-up. White gold is actually a metal that is often Rhodium plated.

7. Keeping silver jewelry from tarnishing is not an easy task. Many environments can speed up the process, even some jewelry boxes! A trick: Reuse the gel silica packs that you receive with other products.  Those packs are meant to absorb moisture, one of the culprits behind tarnish.

Hoop earrings by Christine Guibara Jewelry

8. Avoid storing jewelry against a heating vent or window. The temperatures and environment can have an adverse affect on jewelry. A dry, darker space is best.

9. Hairspray and cosmetics can damage jewelry. Put your jewelry on last when getting ready to keep it looking as fresh as you do!

Christine Guibara Jewelry - custom designed and created. Opal earrings.

10. Now that we’re in summer, it’s important to remember to take off your jewelry before swimming. Chlorine can make your hair turn green, so imagine what it can do to some natural stones. Also cold water increases the possibility that your rings can slip off in oceans and pools alike.

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