Gemstone Engagement Rings

We’re ashamed that a blog post has been so late in coming recently! The GOOD news is that this is because we’ve been so booked and busy with weddings and events that we’ve barely had time to do anything else! However, Aliza and I have both been writing during this hiatus and have lots of great entries coming up for you – Christine and Jason’s ranch wedding, fun games you can play at your reception, Tierra and Ken’s modern ballroom wedding and more! We’ll get back into event-related posts in the fall, including planning some great holiday parties, but for now, bear with us in the busy season and stay tuned 🙂

Today’s post comes from Wixon Jewelers – yes, in Minneapolis, but we feel that any great info from a wedding industry vendor is to be valued no matter where they’re from, and since we travel all the time, staying international in our posts is important! Read Jayme’s post on gemstone engagement rings to learn something and be inspired!

Say “I Do” with Color!

By Jayme Pretzloff, Wixon Jewelers

What does your ring say about you? We know that engagement rings can tell a lot about your personality and taste in jewelry. While some prefer a beautiful solitaire engagement ring, others prefer a brilliant three-stone ring. Whether the setting was simple or elaborate, one thing is for sure… your center stone was a diamond. This is not always the case anymore, we’re beginning to see a trend in colored gemstones front and center in engagement rings.

One of the most stunning engagements of the year was between Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Mark dropped to one knee and slipped a unique ring on her finger; it featured a gorgeous ruby center stone. Some may argue that for a billionaire, he didn’t do well in selecting while others completely disagree.

As always, it’s up to personal opinion. There are so many fantastic gems that can be utilized in an engagement ring, why should everyone have to use a diamond? There are so really fun stones that could also be used.

Gemstone engagement rings. Jewelry by Wixon Jewelers. Ruby.
Gemstone engagement rings. Jewelry by Wixon Jewelers. Sapphire.
Gemstone engagement rings. Jewelry by Wixon Jewelers. Jade.
Gemstone engagement rings. Jewelry by Wixon Jewelers. Mandarin Garnet.


A nice ruby is a rare stone and can look fabulous on your engagement ring. They are commonly associated with love and passion which makes it a great stone for this occasion. They’re not always affordable, however, large rubies (over 4-5 carats) can easily run upwards of $500,000! The good thing is that in smaller sizes they are absolutely affordable.


The color and allure of sapphires are what make them a great choice as a center stone as well. They radiate a gorgeous cornflower blue color and sparkle very nicely under most forms of light. Across the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe, these stones have long been used in engagement rings—most famously in Princess Diana’s engagement ring.


While it may not be as sparkly as the other two stones mentioned, Jade serves as a great option as well. In Asian cultures this stone is associated with fertility and wealth. The Chinese have even used Jade stones in jewelry because they believe that it attracts love. It is also an extremely durable stone and it wears really well, making it a ring that will last forever.

Mandarin Garnet

This stone is a personal favorite of many jewelers because of its tremendous color and sparkle. It has a beautiful orange hue and can change color in varying light conditions. One thing to be aware of with Garnet is the cut of the stone. You may be able to find a stone that is cheaper but it will likely have more of a brown color to it.

Now that you know of all of the options out there, do you still want to rock (pun intended) a diamond as your center stone? Or maybe you feel a bit more adventurous and want your ring to feature a beautiful colored gemstone. Dare to be different!

Jayme Pretzloff is the Online Marketing Director for Wixon Jewelers, specializing in MN jewelry. They are known for their custom engagement rings, great watches and large selection of diamonds. You can follow Jayme on Twitter as well, @jpretz.