Fun Facts about Jewelry – Guest Blog from Christine Guibara Jewelry

Today’s blog post comes from Christine of Christine Guibara Jewelry. Growing up witnessing her father’s artistic abilities in scultping, and her mother’s in interior design, Christine has a love for beauty and the creative design process. Her line of jewelry is designed solely by her and her clients’ visions, using nature and natural elements as the template. She is super passionate about jewelry and has lots of expertise to share!

Jewelry has been an important part of society since the beginning of civilization.  In times when we thought the world was flat or leeches cured flus, one can imagine that we also had some interesting thoughts about jewelry.  Some have vanished with the times, but some thoughts still affect our practices with jewelry today.

Christine Guibara Jewelry - custom designed and created. Claw necklace.

Men were first to wear jewelry and it was believed that these amulets would aid them in battle.

The high priest of the Hebrews wore 12 gemstones on his breastplate, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. These 12 stones now represent birthstones.

The first woman to wear diamonds was Agnes Sorel, the mistress of King Charles VII.

The reason a wedding band is worn on the left hand ring finger is because of an ancient belief that a very vital blood vessel, the vena amori, ran directly from the left hand ring finger to the heart.

In 1477, Maximilian of Austria gave an engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy, starting a tradition of two rings used for marriage: an engagement ring followed by a wedding band.

Christine Guibara Jewelry - custom designed and created. Diamond engagement ring.

Long ago, some people believed that gold nuggets were teardrops from their gods.

In ancient times, opals were believed to be pieces of Heaven that had fallen out of the sky during thunderstorms.

Christine Guibara Jewelry - custom designed and created. Opal earrings.

An ancient Egyptian medical journal stated that inflammation should be treated with copper, thus many wealthy citizens and rulers wore copper bracelets.

Christine Guibara Jewelry - custom designed and created. Pearl water cast ring.

In ancient Greece, pearls were believed to promote marital bliss and have been worn by brides ever since.

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