Featured Vendor: Royal Restrooms

Royal Restrooms, a portable restroom facility vendor. Operates nationwide.

I know, a blog entry about restrooms doesn’t sound that interesting or luxurious – but when you’re going for an event to impress, or having your wedding/event somewhere outdoors or at a private home, it’s a necessary vendor!

Recently, I got to reconnect with Royal Restrooms (California website here), my last experience with them being at a Hillsborough wedding a couple of years ago. No one likes port-a-potties and for a classy event such as a wedding or fundraiser, you are not left with many other options if your venue is a home, outdoors or has limited restroom facilities. I would strongly recommend making some room in your budget for Royal Restrooms! The increase in comfort and aesthetics for your guests is exponential compared to the additional cost, and although no one puts their bathrooms as being at the top of the list for impressions they’d like to leave with their guests, this impression will be worth it – we’re talking air conditioning/heat, stereo system, hardwood floors and real hand towels here!

Royal Restrooms, a portable restroom facility vendor. Operates nationwide. Picture of the interior of one of their luxury bathrooms, including hardwood floors, TV, decor, mirrors, sink with running water.

Having great restroom facilities sets the tone for the style of your event and it caters to one of the most fundamental rules of hosting – ensuring your guests are comfortable!

I strongly encourage you to at least check out some of the amazing facilities that Royal Restrooms has to offer in their photo gallery. In this case, picturesare worth a thousand words! 🙂

If you’d like us to work with you on a vendor list or coordinate with Royal Restrooms for your wedding or event, please contact us – we love opportunities to work with our favorite vendors and make your event look spectacular!