Fabulous Reception Fun and Games!

For the bride and groom who want to take their wedding reception beyond “dinner and dancing to follow,” add a dash of fun and games to spice up the party!  Guests feel involved, entertained, and are left with a unique and memorable experience of your wedding.

The key is to gauge your guest dynamic and then choose amusements that fit their personalities.  For example, if your guests are on the mellower side, a belly dancing lesson may leave the dance floor empty.  But if your sorority sisters are known for getting jiggy with it, bring on the veils and coined skirts!

We’ve put together our favorite fabulous reception games, making sure to include a little fun for almost every type of crowd.  And by no means should you limit yourself to just one; carry the playful feeling throughout your whole reception for an unforgettable night!

Wedding reception games. Lawn games and bocce ball.
“Out on the Lawn” — Ben Sasso (photographer), as featured on greylikesweddings.com

Out on the Lawn:

Thanks to Pinterest, we’ve all seen how lawn games add a nostalgic and playful ambiance to any outdoor reception, whether it be casual or soiree.  From the ever-popular cornhole or a rustic milk bottle ring toss, to the classic Italian game of bocce, these simple lawn games make for fabulous photo opps and give guests even more to cheer about!

**Helpful hint: If you’re having a summer wedding, try to keep the games in the shade if possible.  We’ve seen many adorable games go unplayed since guests don’t want to work up too much of a sweat!

Wedding reception games. Couples trivia. Etsy.
“At the Table” — HarmonyCreative (Etsy shop)

At the Table:

When working on your seating chart, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to mix guests from different areas of your life.  By getting creative and incorporating a little game at each table, any new acquaintances will feel like old friends by the end of the night!

  • Place Card Icebreakers: Simply create a variety of funny and interesting topics, tack one onto each guest’s place card, and have them share around their dinner table.  Not only will it keep the conversation going, but guests will bond during this mini table roast session!  Here are some great starter topics:
    • “My most embarrassing story about the bride or the groom is…”
    • “The cutest thing that I know about the bride and the groom is…”
    • “If the bride and groom were cars, they would be…”
  • Bride and Groom Trivia: If your guests have a competitive streak in them, make a Bride and Groom Trivia questionnaire and place one on each table.  Have the guests fill it out as a group throughout dinner, and then collect and score the questionnaires toward the end of the night.  The table with the most correct answers wins!  Whether they’re vying for an extra plate of cupcakes or just bragging rights that they know and love you more than any other table, trivia is a fabulous way to give your tables a little team spirit!
Wedding reception games. His shoe, her shoe.

All about the Happy Couple:

These diversions focus on the bride and groom so guests get to observe for the most part.  They’ll probably need a break from all the other fun you’ve planned for them during the reception!

  • His Shoe, Her Shoe: Inspired by The Newlywed Game, guests get hilarious insight into just what the bride and groom really think of each other!  Sitting back to back with their own shoe in one hand and their spouse’s shoe in the other, the bride and groom are asked questions that begin at basic and escalate to comical and priceless.  “Who has to take out the trash?” all the way to “Who’s more likely to say, ‘Not tonight!’?”  The bride and groom answer the questions by holding up the shoe of the “guilty party.”  Since they are back to back and can’t see each other, their answers are often surprising and always amusing!
  • Honeymoon Dance: We had to throw in something truly fun for the bride and the groom, and what’s more fun than dancing for honeymoon funds?  A spin on the traditional “money dance” found in many cultures, guests line up to dance with either the bride or the groom.  After a few twirls and a dip or two, the guest pins a little cash donation to the bride or groom, and then the next guest cuts in.  A special moment, a photo opp, and a little more money towards their wedding getaway…with this game, everyone is a clear winner!
“All About the Happy Couple” — Katelyn James (photographer) as featured on bridalguide.com