Classic Party Rentals Showcase

Today’s post showcases the trends I noticed at this year’s Classic Party Rentals Showcase, held at AT&T Park’s new venue at Pier48 in San Francisco. Classic took what is essentially a giant warehouse and turned it into an eventscape of color, texture and light. The layout allowed for easy flow of guests, several entertainment options without conflicting with each other, and a way to display multiple themes and event ideas in mini “rooms” as guests traveled through the venue.


Look at that view!

Granted these are iPhone photos (not being a photographer, I thought it’d look strange for me to wander around with a big camera!), but I snapped some of my favorites that definitely caught the eye – including a tea party theme/décor, an abundance of French country, and all-around elegance. I see opulence and classic textures and colors coming back into the wedding and event industry! Especially after being inspired by some of these tabletops! IMG_1185 IMG_1183 IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1179 IMG_1176 IMG_1173 IMG_1161 IMG_1163 IMG_1164 IMG_1169 IMG_1172