What to do with your littlest wedding guests

Today we have a treat! Our intern Chelsea is going to guest blog for us on a topic that she’s been thinking of for us over the last month. She has some great ideas – enjoy!

Kids play packs at weddings

Photo by Kate Headley Photography

For the next few days, my husband Alex and I are taking care of his little cousin, Davey. The other night, I was getting him ready for bed and noticed a picture in his room. It was a picture of Alex and little Davey Joe at our wedding in which Davey was the ring bearer. I started smiling and then commented that it was the best day of my life and asked him if he remembers how fun it was. The little five year old, who was three at the wedding, looked up at me and said, “It was fun but it wasn’t that fun.” This comment made me think about weddings from a kid’s perspective and what couples can do to make their special day a fun day for their younger guests too.

The following are ideas of items to include in a child’s wedding goody bag or activities to give them to keep them entertained. It’s important to keep in mind that none of the items make a lot, if any, noise and that they don’t require parental supervision. This allows for minimal interruptions and a lot of laughs from the kids.

Kids place setting

Crayons can keep kids of all ages entertained. Provide an interactive coloring book with puzzles, pictures to color in, word searches and so on. You could even get creative and make your own fill-in story booklet – Crayola is a great resource to use. Another idea is to cover the kids table in paper that they can draw on to keep them occupied during dinner.

Activity for kids - I Spy and Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras paired with a scavenger hunt is another great way to keep kids entertained. Have them search for wedding themed items such as a white dress, a sweet dessert, something blue, a loving kiss and so on. This can be a fun way to get memories from their view of your big day – your kid guests may even snap a few photos of things that you missed! You could also turn their photos into an inexpensive photo album via Shutterfly or Apple for the families after the wedding.

Kids food at wedding


Oftentimes, the food served at weddings isn’t very kid friendly and providing kids with snacks and treats can come in handy as well. This way they won’t complain to their parents about being hungry at cocktail hour or during the ceremony. Making sure there is a kid friendly option for dinner will keep them happy as well – macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, pasta, and hamburgers are usually crowd pleasers.

Ideas for kids activities at a wedding

Finally, hiring a babysitting service will not only allow the kids to enjoy some playtime and a movie or take a nap if they’re tuckered out, it will also allow you to determine what parts of the wedding you’d like the kids to be a part of. The parents also get to enjoy your day to the fullest and won’t have to worry about stepping outside with a toddler during a temper tantrum caused by boredom and missing a special moment.

Kids basket

Hopefully this helps you think of creative ways to keep your kid guests happy at your big day!