Bay Area Vendor Insights

ACPWC, NACE, ISES, and BAWN Networking Event

At a San Francisco Bay Area networking event this past Wednesday night, it was completely lovely getting to know so many other professionals in this ever changing industry and learning how they keep up with business and change. As one videographer said to me, “You’re only as good as your last event.” It’s so important for us to keep that in mind as we continue in a job that is built around hospitality. We work with people and people change! Interests, trends, styles and the way personality is expressed in weddings and events all adjust over time.

My encouragement to all vendors – stay up to date on what’s going on. Don’t get complacent because you’re signing new business and think you have it all figured out. We all offer something different and you can probably still find ways to set yourself apart. Connect with today’s brides, grooms and hosts of events and find out what they want.

My advice to couples and anyone planning an event – realize that all vendors are different! Don’t just look for a photographer that does good work – there’s a lot out there! Look for one you connect with and who has a style you enjoy. I met several photographers Wednesday night, all of which are talented, but each offers a different personality and spin on their handicraft. The same goes for us coordinators! It’s fascinating to me how we all have a different perspective on how best to coordinate a wedding or put together an event. Find a fit for you!

I hope I get to share some wonderful pictures from Wednesday night’s event soon, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying how wonderful it is that I met so many interesting people and got to talk about what I love best – what I do!