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Caitlin has adored weddings and parties her whole life. Case in point: As a girl, she used to watch Cinderella over and over just to get to the end, where she would scream “Mom! Come quick! They’re getting married again!”

Every dinner party, holiday party or gala she would attend with her family, Caitlin would volunteer to help set up the tables, display the food or whatever else she could do to be a part of the planning and hosting.

As a young adult, she applied that passion to years of working with a prestigious catering and event company, following that up with several different types of positions throughout the event industry. She was always the type A student who loved homework, so she added to the hands-on experience with professional training from the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC).

Something off the beaten path would be Caitlin’s 5+ years of experience as a personal trainer, holding several certifications and continuing to pick up a clipboard, train her brides and hold bootcamps for showers, parties and corporate team-building days.

Caitlin has been happily married for 7 years, lives in Santa Clara with husband Steve and their young kids – baby Owen, kitten Sydney and puppy Samson, and loves marriage as much as she loved the wedding. She enjoys traveling, working out, eating good food and feels honored she gets to create unique, stress-free and memorable occasions for everyone.



Lisa has been dancing around the wedding industry since her planning her own wedding in 2007, but got really involved when Caitlin tasked her with designing a logo for her new business. Since then, Lisa has worked on a number of design projects for Caitlin, and officially joined Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events in 2013 as Design and Marketing Manager, then in 2014 as one of our in-house Designers.

Lisa loves the confluence of weddings and design – particularly the stationery! Lisa has always had a zest for words—after spending much of her childhood with her nose in a book, she graduated from Mills College in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and went on to work in the design department of a non-profit as an editor and production manager before leaving to pursue a degree in graphic design. Her true passion lies at the application of design and typography, starting with logo design and branching into layout and social media design, weddings, social and corporate events have become perfect areas for Lisa to apply her skills.

Lisa lives in San Mateo with her husband Zach, their son Robbie and dog Brodie, and enjoys traveling, discovering new foods, reading and writing, and designing new artwork for their home. She looks forward to helping clients apply their unique aesthetic to every aspect of their wedding or event design.

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Chelsea discovered her passion for weddings six years ago while planning her own, jumping right into the planning process. The day after her engagement she had already put together a comprehensive spreadsheet of venues, complete with details and information on each. Needless to say, she loves organization! These skills were put to good use while she worked for Sherry Lansing at The Sherry Lansing Foundation as an administrative and personal assistant. During this time, she organized dinners and private screenings of films, while her love for planning events grew more and more. She decided to make a career change and enter into the world of event and wedding planning, joining the CAWE team as Associate in 2013.

Chelsea grew up in the small city of Visalia, California. For most of her life, she wanted to become a teacher, and now holds her credential and B.A. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education from Loyola Marymount University. While attending LMU, she met and is now happily married to her husband Alex. They have two cats, Sushi-Cat and Nacho-Gato. She enjoys wine tasting, cooking, traveling, relaxing in Cambria, watching football, and spending time with family and friends.

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As a Professional Graphic Designer, Alex has a Bachelor of Arts in studio arts, and over six years of hands-on agency experience, working on both print and digital projects for recognized commercial clients across multiple industries. Alex’s personal design philosophy emphasizes strong typographical balance as well as dynamic color contrasts. All designs are driven by each client’s personalized vision and taste.

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Michaela entered the wedding industry in 2015 as an intern for the CAWE team. Although this was her first experience in the wedding industry, Michaela has always loved planning and had previously had experience in the event world. Her love for event planning stemmed from planning birthday parties, high school formals, and Christmas parties. She knew she wanted to pursue this role after planning her sister’s 21st birthday party. She found so much joy in the planning process and in the tiny details both months ahead and on the day that she knew this had to be more than just a hobby. Participating in a few weddings herself, Michaela never came across a wedding she didn’t like, a bride she didn’t want to help or a reception she didn’t want to celebrate! Michaela is also fortunate enough to assist with events at a winery her father runs and help her mom put together good-ole holiday parties.

Michaela currently attends Santa Clara University. She has also fiddled around with a few other internships and jobs such as working as a physical therapy intern, sports camp counselor and administrative assistant. Although an eclectic and diverse background, she found a home in the event industry. Michaela loves spending time with her wonderful family and friends, playing soccer, going to country concerts, eating sushi, snuggling up with a cup of tea on a rainy day and watching sports, especially her San Francisco Giants and 49ers.




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As a freshman in college, Brenda started working part-time as a server for a local catering company. Little did she know this job was just the beginning and a stepping-stone to what would soon become her career. Her passion for all aspects of events helped her advance professionally, quickly becoming a leader of her team. Within three years, Brenda started assisting with Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events, running her own events in catering and started working at a prominent Bay Area wedding venue, all while pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management full-time at CSU East Bay. She says time management and organization both play a crucial role in her success as a working student. As someone who has experience working many different positions in the event industry, Brenda recognizes that attention to detail is key to a memorable event. Joining CAWE as an associate in 2015, Brenda looks forward to being even more involved with every aspect of event planning, especially weddings.

Despite Brenda’s interest in traveling and visiting new places, the Bay Area holds a special place in her heart. An East Bay native, Brenda enjoys catching up with friends, going on road trips, running and Netflix binging with her boyfriend and her dog, Nike.