“Ask Caitlin:” Event and wedding questions answered by a professional!

“Ask Caitlin”‘s debut blog post! I’m so excited about this idea – thanks to the vendor(s) who encouraged me to start this!

“Ask Caitlin” will be posted at least once a month, but if I get swarms of questions, it could be more often than that. Submit your questions (anything about weddings or events – or even only somewhat related) via Facebook orTwitter using the hashtag #askcaitlin, and you’ll be famous as I answer your question on my next blog post. If it’s something I don’t know, I’ll find a vendor professional who does!

Graduation party decor from Etsy. Skewered caps for centerpieces.
Graduation party decor from Etsy. Fondant cupcake toppers.

Our first question! “What are some cost-saving ideas for my daughter’s graduation party, while still making it a nice event that is unique from everyone else’s? #askcaitlin”

Caitlin: Wow, is it graduation time already?? I guess so – great job, first of all, for getting a head start. That’s probably my first tip, actually. Vendors/venues like notice and are more willing to be flexible on dates, times and cost if you’re not one of many in the rush of booking. But here we go, 3 suggestions:

1. Think out of the box for your venue/food: Restaurants that don’t normally do “graduation parties” don’t have pre-packaged prices and event services. Caterers can sometimes create “picnic baskets” or set up creative food stations, with yummy food good enough for any high-schooler but at a much cheaper rate. Either way, you’re saving money while still providing the presentation and quality of good food.

2. Etsy is your friend: Decor from Etsy is cute, inexpensive (most of the time) and most importantly, unique. Check out the cap decor skewers above – you can use those for a dozen things (centepieces, cupcake toppers, asskewers…) and they’re only $.79 each. Or how about those cupcake fondant toppers – yum! All of the sudden, you have the cutest, most creative cupcakes for $8. And those two suggestions are only after 5 quick minutes of browsing.

3. Lastly, shameless plug but honest advice – hire an event consultant to help you find great deals on venue, vendors (like a DJ, photographer, caterer…) and most importantly rentals! You can rent almost anything these days and a professional event coordinator can save you 20% or more. Not to mention, it saves you so much time when we know where to look and what to book. Caitlin Arnold Weddings and Events offers hourly consultation for any event (no matter how small), and can certainly help put together some cost-saving, creative ways to put on the best graduation party ever!

Hope that was helpful! More questions about this specific thread? Contact me and I’d be happy to talk more!