5 Wow Factors for a Corporate Event

You’re throwing an event either for your clients or for your employees. Either way, your goal is (or should be) to impress and/or reward, and both very much resembles each other in the planning and execution of your event. So how do you do that most effectively, efficiently and successfully? Here are our 5 ways to do just that!

Wow factors 1 wow factors 2

1. Seamless Food Service, with unique food and presentation offerings – Being a little bit of a foodie myself, I can appreciate unique yet delicious food at events, but most importantly, nothing wows guests like hot food that comes out on time, served in a special or upscale way, or that takes them on a journey. Maybe your journey is countries around the world, or a live action sushi station that allows each guest to create their own specialty roll. No matter what though, the important factor is friendly, professional catering staff, serving well-made food at the right time.


2. Great MC Services – Nothing turns guests off to your event quite like a cheesy or obnoxious MC/DJ. Hiring a professional makes a world of difference and finding one that fits the mood, theme or goal of your event can be the motivating factor for guests to relax, enjoy and stay the duration of the evening. Your MC is like your host – only with a microphone – so choose wisely!

wow factors 3

photo 1

3. Lighting! – Even simple, inexpensive lighting can transform a space and set the ambiance. The pictures below are poor examples taken from my iPhone, but they’re the most recent example of night and day differences at the same event. Lights off – an event space. Lights on – an environment with a mood.

photo 2


4. Activities – Particularly at corporate events, most people will not be “wow’ed” by simply chatting, eating and drinking – as entertaining as that might be! If you want to impress your clients or reward your employees, provide them with some things to do outside of chit chat. Simple ideas would be a photo booth, entertaining and informational speakers, or a company “graffiti wall,” but you can also bring in all levels of companies to provide other games such as indoor bowling or trivia, or better yet, combine this wow factor with #1 and bring in food displays where guests can watch the desserts being made, sugar candies created or homemade tortillas being crafted and served warm.

wow factors 4
5. The Layout – People don’t generally like to feel they’re stuck in a boxy room for hours on end, so change it up. Make each new room, or each part of the larger space you have rented seem like a totally different area. Rounding every corner should be a surprise and this is relatively easy to do – it just takes a slightly different take on colors, activities or food/drinks. Even the most minor of adjustments can entertain and keep your guests wanting to explore the entire event.

Have your own ideas? How have you been wow’ed? Would love to hear!