5 Wedding Myths and Top 5 Reasons to do a First Look

We love this article in the Chicago Tribune dispelling 5 common wedding myths. I think that many savvy brides have already figured out one or two of these, but my favorite is #4 – not letting the groom see the bride until the ceremony. Although that is romantic in itself, I believe it is so much more precious to arrange a private “first look” pre-ceremony. Here are my Top 5 Reasons to do a “first look.”

1. You get to enjoy seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day without all the other guests’ eyes on you. You can truly be yourself and react the way you want to your significant other’s gorgeous wedding day glow! Plus, it gives the groom a chance to express his love of the dress before the officiant starts talking over him! 🙂

2. Your photographer and videographer get to better capture that precious initial reaction! Photos of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time pre-ceremony get to reflect the romance of the day a bit more than those photos that are focused on the aisle walk.

3. You get some alone time before your big day! This might be the last opportunity to be together just the two of you and have some down time before being around guests and partying the rest of the day!

4. If you have already seen each other, you can also do some bride and groom pics before the wedding, which frees up your post-ceremony, pre-reception time to visit with your guests or do more family/bridal party shots. Trust me on this, every wedding runs over with those family and bridal party shots – save some time by doing some before the wedding!

5. You get to be more creative than walking down the aisle. I’ve coordinated and seen several really adorable and creative “first looks.” If you wait until the ceremony, you have to see each other by walking down the aisle!

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